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Hillbilly Hell

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Hillbilly Cabin, Police find Family of serial Killers. all found Dead!

Clyde, NY-
Police were called to 7 Columbia street after a victom called for help. The victom claimed that she was tortured by a family of Hillbillys who had brutilized, toutured and caniblized mutliple victoms before she could escape claiming it was like "A Hillbillys Hell". Police raided the cabin at 8:59pm on October 31st 1859

Police reports indicate that the last radio transmition from police was at 9:05pm on that cold August Day. When backup finally arrived from county and state law enforcment the Family and original responding Officers had all Parished.

The Case was closed. The land sat vacant for years until it was purchased by A Rick Szaytanik in 1860. It was then sold to Terror Field Production in 2017 who puts on horror musems and plans to tell the frightning tails.

Legand has it that that the Family still Haunts the family cabin and town people have urged Terror Field to not open for buisness.

About The Attraction

Terror Field Productions, LLC will be opening Hillbilly Hell as a Haunted Attraction this October. This Attraction has Extreme Graphics, Strong Language, mature contant and is Hand On in your Face. Mature Audiance is Advised!

This High Intensity Haunted Attraction is Hand on! You may get Touched, Grabed, Sat. If you DON'T like hand on and In your Face Action this ISN'T for YOU! Mature Ausiance is Advised!

Important Information to know about the Attraction

-No Smoking

-No Running

-No Touching, Pushing or Hitting Actors! This is a "In your Face" Hand on Haunt. You Enter Knowing this and you WILL be escorted out! Police WILL be Called!

-No Drinking

-No Weapons of any Kind

-No Cell phones can be used to take pictures, videos, live stream or record sound

-No Flash lights, glow sticks, or cell phone lights

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