Terror Field Productions, LLC

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Terror Field Productions started in 1999 with Brandon Struzyk and Gary Larizza in a small carport that boasted a completely huge four rooms.

The reality of doing a haunted house was slim, but light was shining down on us. Brandon's Grandfather who always believed in him and thought he was the center of his universe, passed away from kidney failure. The day of his funeral, we started to build Terror Field to keep Brandon's mind off the subject. "This is why I put so much effort into Terror Field because I know my grandfather would be proud. I also love to see people being entertained and scared, the screams, the scared looks, and then the happiness for when it is over. Not to mention Halloween has always been my favorite time of year." Brandon remarked.

With just the word of mouth and running only Halloween night the little haunt that took only two minutes to go through, brought in about a hundred people.

In 2000, we brought in another owner Chris Daeffler and utilized a three-acre lot of woods with a structure set in the dead middle. We carved trails through the woods and used nature to offer its own spookiness in the midst of the moon light and the building to create a 10-minute adventure. Again, with no real advertisement, just a web site and a posting on Hauntworld.com and senecafallsonline.com we drew visitors from 30 minutes away and had a few hundred people for the four nights we ran.

In 2002 Terror Field took over a 30' X 40' garage on Butler Ave in Seneca Falls owned by William Struzyk. We maze out this space created a 10-minute haunt that utilized black Plastic and imagination. This time we advertised with a few posters around town, our website, post on hauntworld.com and senecafallsonline.com, and brought in a few hundred patrons to the free haunt. Over the next few years, we created our own props, animatronics and scenes and another owner Casey Jesmer. For several years, we utilized this same space and saw attendance consecutively grow while maintaining a strong repetitive customer base.We also asked for donations for a 10-month-old little girl named Sarah Miller who we had heard of having Leukemia. Terror Field raised $600 for that little girl and reunited with her a few years latter for her second birthday presenting her with a build-a-Bear and hearing of her positive health condition brought a lot of joy to the Terror Field Family.

In 2008, we lost this space and went on a two-year hiatus. In 2010 and 2012 we moved to a residential home in waterloo brought on our last Owner Zack Scaglione and used a tent in the front yard. This time we re-evaluated the direction we wanted to head and begun to rid our self of the plastic, going to a more durable and patron safe wood interior. We also continued to purchases more movie quality props and costumes. We are also building better animatronics and creating realistic set designs.

2013 Set Yet Another Large Move to an Abandand House In Lyons, NY. The Taylor House which was once a Mansion to the Founder of United States Steal and After retiring from business in 1938, Taylor was sent by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to a refugee conference in Évian-les-Bains, France, as head of the American delegation. In this capacity he tried to aid the growing numbers of refugees fleeing Nazi Germany. Later he was Roosevelt’s special representative to the Vatican, the first to hold such a post since 1867. Though the appointment was criticized by religious leaders as a violation of the separation of church and state, Taylor was reappointed by President Harry S. Truman after World War II. Later he served on other special missions with the rank of ambassador. (http://www.britannica.com/biography/Myron-C-Taylor)

2015 Cameron Felice is brought on as the 6th Co-Owner.

2017 Terror Field sadly was the year Two Owners left, the Lyons Lease wasn't renewed and we scrambled to purchase a new building and get it inspected by the state. 

All of this work was done just for Halloween but because of Facebook and word of mouth, lines would wrap around the block for the best free show in town.Terror Field production, now has four co-owners who help fund, build, and run this awesome show. Brandon Struzyk, Gary Larizza, Zack Scaglione and Cameron Felice.